Dologel is a teething gel based on natural active ingredients and designed to provide relief of symptoms caused by teething in babies and infants, as well as relief for gum inflammation and gum discomfort.

Why Dologel?

  • Its totally natural ingredients provide an all-round solution: the Valeriana content soothes pain, while the Camomile and Propolis content provide relief from inflammation and also disinfect the gums.
  • Unlike other local anaesthetic gels, Dologel does not contain lidocaine or any other synthetic painkiller, so the baby’s system is not strained.
  • Thanks to its totally natural components, Dologel does not upset the stomach so it can be safely applied several times a day.
  • Its active ingredients typically do not cause allergic reaction or have any side effects.
  • It is sugar-free, so it does not harm the developing teeth.
  • It has a pleasant flavour, so babies are happy to be treated with Dologel.
  • Does not contain menthol, so it can be applied together with homeopathic remedies.

It can be used not only for teething but also for relief of symptoms caused by:

  • other inflammations and lesions in the mouth (for example, gum inflammation, mouth ulcers);
  • mouth lesions caused by certain rough surfaced foods;
  • and irritation caused by dental appliances (for example, braces).