Physiological serum for the purification of minor skin wounds, as well as of the discharges from your ears, nose or eyes.

The Ceumed Steril Ampoule is an isotonic solution the salt content of which is equal to that of our body, so the product doesn’t cause dehydration or swelling in the tissues affected by the treatment. Dropping the isotonic solution into the soft parts of your eyes, deeper parts of your respiratory tract or the ear canal doesn’t cause any unpleasant consequences.


The single-use ampoule can be applied quickly and easily.


The specific cap of each ampoule guarantees the safety of sterility.


  • Sterile, single-use pack.
  • Does not contain preservatives and additives.


For children and adults:

  • for skin cleansing (folds, neck, face)
  • for cleaning and removing foreign materials and discharges from your eyes
  • for the cleaning of the nasal cavity as well as of the ear canal