Our company has been founded with the objective to ease our customers’ life with highest quality medical products. To reach this objective, it is not enough to have the expertise and the efficient market presence. You need much more. You have to understand the real demands, and to understand our patients as well, who are confronting with health problems. So it is the continuous improvement and the search for the innovative solutions that distinguishes us from the others. Because it is not enough to care, you have to care wisely.
Our company has entered the market of the baby care products first. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and we are also proud of our international background and our presence already in six countries in Central Europe. We aim to make the most of the acquired expertise on other medical areas, because we would like to give the adults all that we have learned from the babies.

Our mission

„Care wisely!" – maybe this is the most compact summary of our company's mission. Because you can care for your loved ones in many ways - but it is the biggest achievement to find the real demands and give what is needed the most. We at CEUMED are going steadily this way, and our goal is to contribute to a care-free life with our highest quality products.